I haven’t got a clue…

…but I plan to find some as I explore the worlds of cozy mysteries, nibble on some brownies, sip a little coffee, and assure the cats that their supper has not been forgotten.

I began reading mysteries as a child, devouring the Nancy Drew series before moving on to Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Dorothy L. Sayers, and oh so many others. I explored locked rooms, found my way through classic puzzlers, processed procedurals, and finally, with a sigh of relief, wrapped myself in cozy mysteries.

I still read other types of mysteries with some history, biography, and fantasy thrown in for variety, but there is nothing so comforting as a good cozy. I take mine with chocolate, a cup or two of coffee, and a purring cat. How do you take yours?

Hunting for a good read

After a stressful few weeks, I needed a book that could take me away from it all.

I admit to beginning Read Herring Hunt by V.M. Burns with some trepidation. Her first book, The Plot is Murder, was so good that I knew the second could not match up. Well, I shouldn’t have worried, except, perhaps about getting some sleep because this a book that I had to read straight through. Continue reading →