Chihuahua Gate

There is a vast and evil conspiracy afoot to keep innocent chihuahuas behind gates so they cannot do their duties in chasing cats and teaching big dogs who is the boss. Oreo and Guera are hoping some lover of little dogs will breach the gate and take them somewhere without cats or big dogs or baby gates where they can run wild through the house, except when they’re snuggling with people, of course. They are very good at snuggling.

The two little dogs were orphaned recently by the death of their human and have found a temporary home with me. They were traumatized by their loss but are still cheerful, active, and loving dogs who are making progress on re-learning their potty training. Unfortunately, they do love to chase cats and that has my clowder hissing and spitting, so this can only be a foster home for them. They are tightly bonded, so they need a home together.

They are both girls and we think they’re about four years old. Neither has been spayed so I am going to work on that and shots.

If anyone in southwestern Arizona could offer them an escape to a One True Home, please contact me here or on Facebook. The chihuahuas and I (and my cats) would be most grateful!

And, in case you thought I would make a post without a book in it – I recommend the cozy mystery Dial C for Chihuahua. It’s the first in a series of five books about a chihuahua who helps his human solve murders – he talks, but only to her – and has an ego as big as the universe.  In other words, he’s a perfectly normal chihuahua.

No disclaimer – I bought all the books in the series with my own hard-earned money.

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