Off the shelf

There were two advantages to having the nasty virus we’ve been trading back and forth this winter: I felt absolved of guilt for slacking off on my housework (pet care was non-negotiable according to my clowder and pack); and I also felt free to huddle under the covers and read all day. One of the books I read over the weekend was Shelved Under Murder, which involves one of my favorite places – a library – and adds a community festival, art, and murder to the index.

Librarian Amy Webber lives with her long-widowed aunt in a sedate Virginia Mountain town where she runs the local library, which is, like many small town libraries, short on funds and long on strange characters. One of the characters is a reclusive artist who is going to donate paintings to the library’s sale at the festival; unfortunately Amy finds the artist dead and the artist’s husband, a less well-known artist, is missing. Two of Amy’s late uncle’s paintings may be offered in place of the dead artist’s work but some people are a bit too eager to get a peek at his oeuvre. While clues are being sorted and secrets come to light, there is another murder. And all along the way romances are checked out, shelved, mended, re-shelved, and renewed.

I quite enjoyed Shelved Under Murder but quickly figured out that it was the second story in the series because of the constant mentions of events in the first, including who the villain of that story was. Anyone who wants to get maximum enjoyment from the series (and I do hope there are more) should start with the first book, A Murder for the Books.

Now I’m feeling better and have left the library stacks for a church – a cathedral no less – in Jeanne M. Dams new Dorothy Martin mystery Crisis at the Cathedral. It’s a bit of a thriller and I hope it ends well.

Required disclaimer: I was provided an advance reader’s Kindle copy of the book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, which is what this is. If you are interested in reading the book and you click on the book’s title in this blog, I may get a few pennies to help fund my reading habit. #ShelvedUnderMurder #NetGalley #CrisisAtTheCathedral

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