I have a penchant for losing things. My coworkers joke they have to follow me around and pick up my coffee mugs and glasses because I leave them on bookshelves and other people’s desks. But I’ve never lost a precious stone.

That’s what happens in Read and Gone by Allison Brook when librarian Carrie Singleton’s slightly estranged father shows up for Christmas. The gems he stole with a partner weren’t exactly lost though, just hidden by the partner who ends up murdered.

Carrie finds herself investigating to clear her father and considering breaking up with her insurance investigator boyfriend who would like to find the jewels himself.

There’s more murder, a bit of mayhem, a ghost, and an inquisitive feline – Smoky Joe – who might just be the best investigator around.

I enjoyed the book, the second in the Haunted Library series (the first was Death Overdue) and cozy readers who enjoy cats as characters and don’t mind an occasional visit from a ghost, will probably enjoy it too.

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