A story to die for

Reporters, and even some small town newspaper editors such as I, dream of a big story. Unfortunately, sniffing one out isn’t always fun.

I’ve never landed The Big One Story but I’ve have few of moderate impact and I’ll admit most of my suffering has been listening to tinny music while on hold, slogging though tedious fine-print pages of documents, or working up the courage to ask a friend an awkward question. Elsewhere, however, men and women have died chasing the journalistic grail.

And that’s the case in the supernatural cozy mystery I just finished – Magick Run Amok, the third in Sharon Pape’s Abracadabra series. A reporter was killed in a tragic accident that Kailyn Wilde’s friend Travis isn’t so sure was an accident. They try to investigate, aided by an assortment of characters, including Merlin (yes, that Merlin) who is more hindrance than help as well as the often bickering ghosts of Kailyn’s mother and grandmother, and are soon having doors slammed as they ask questions about other deaths that may not be what they seemed. All the while, Kailyn has to mix up potions for colds, try to keep her shop open, and keep Merlin in line.

There are some spoilers as the mysteries of the first two books are brought up, so it might be best to start with the first book, Magick & Mayhem, then read the second, That Olde White Magick, and then the third, Magick Run Amok. You’ll enjoy them more that way

Required disclaimer: I was provided an advance reader’s Kindle copy of the book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, which is what this is. If you are interested in reading the book and you click on the title link in this blog, I may get a few pennies to help fund my reading habit. #MagicRunAmuck #NetGalley

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