Going to the dogs

August is going to the dogs with two new cozy mysteries. The first is In the Dog House by V.M. Burns and the second is Support Your Local Pug by Lane Stone.

In the Dog House is the first in a new series by the prolific V.M. Burns and it features poodles – standard and miniature – and some humans as well. Actually, the humans play major roles but the dogs have a big presence.

When Lilly Echosby loses a husband – first to a bimbo named Bambi and impending divorce and then to murder – she gains a poodle. She needs the comfort of the little dog and the support of her kids and an old friend when she becomes the prime suspect and the only way she can stay out of the human pound is to sniff out the killer.

V.M. Burns is becoming one of my favorite authors. She is adept at drawing readers into the story and gently twisting the plot. If you’d like to go to the dogs, this book is coming out August 21 on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats and can be preordered here.

Support Your Local Pug is the second in the Pet Palace Mystery series by Lane Stone. There’s a variety of dogs in this one but a pug called Wags takes top billing. Why was the poor thing marooned, why was dog food stolen, and who killed the singing deli man? Palace owner Sue Patrick and her nearly royal partner, Lady Anthea Fitzwalter, need to figure it all out between dog training sessions and worry over the fate of the bottom of a wine bottle.

It definitely helps keep the characters straight if you read the first in the series before reading this book. While not quite as believable as Burns’ characters and with a tad more romance than I like, it was still a decent story and I’ll be looking for other entries in the series. This book comes out August 28 and can be preordered here.

Required disclaimer: I was provided advance reader’s Kindle copies of the books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, which is what this is. If you are interested in reading the book and you click on the links in this blog, I may get a few pennies to help fund my reading habit. #InTheDogHouse #SupportYourLocalPug  #NetGalley

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