Fall for Daisies, Scandal, and Witches

Three cozy mysteries are being released this fall and I was lucky enough to get advance copies of all three of them to enjoy in the summer heat: To Catch a Witch by Heather Blake, A Scandal in Scarlet by Vicki Delany, and Death and Daisies by Amanda Flower.

To Catch a Witch is the eighth and latest in the Wishcraft series by Heather Blake featuring Darci Merriwether and a supporting cast of family, friends, familiars, and an enemy or two. This time Darci ventures into the world of runners after her friend hires her to organize the Wicked Mad Dash – but her friend winds up missing. Along with the competition, Darci ends up with a murder to solve, complicated relationships to untangle, and some financial shenanigans to puzzle out. Fortunately, she has tons of support despite a strange illness striking more than one villager. I like how the characters are constantly evolving in this. Though it could be read as a stand-alone, I’d suggest readers start with the first book and read them in order if they haven’t already immersed themselves in the series. To Catch a Witch will be released on August 7 and is available for preorder on Amazon here. I recommend it.

A Scandal in Scarlet is the fourth in the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop series by Vicki Delany. Shop owner Gemma Doyle is walking her dog when she smells smoke and discovers the West London Museum on fire. She and her business partner Jayne Wilson, the proprietress of Mrs. Hudson’s Tearoom, are soon involved in a fundraiser to help rebuild the museum. Unfortunately, murder interrupts the action and Gemma is soon trying to unpin the crime on a woman she doesn’t really like as well and poke into a mystery from the past. I love the idea of a bookshop dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and can identify with Gemma and her aversion to cooking. A Scandal in Scarlet will be released on November 13 and is available for preorder on Amazon here. I recommend it.

Death and Daisies is the second book in the Magic Garden series by Amanda Flower. The magic is low key but the murder florist Fiona Knox must solve isn’t. Minister MacCullen, who had barred Fiona from entering the church, is found dead and her acrimonious relationship with him makes her a suspect. Stormy weather and a stormy sister complicate her life, as does a handsome detective. There is also a slowly revealed mystery from her past revolving around her parents and her late godfather, the solution to which provides a tiny cliffhanger at the end. I read this book before I read the first in the series; I think I’m going to go buy Flowers and Foul Play which, as I write, is on sale at Amazon for just $1.99 here. The book Death and Daisies will be released on Amazon on November 13 and is available for preorder here.I recommend it.

Disclaimer: I was provided advance reader’s Kindle copies of these books through NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews, which is what these are. If you are interested in reading the book and you click on the titles in this blog, I may get a few pennies to help fund my reading habit. #ToCatchAWitch #AScandalInScarlet #DeathAndDaisies #NetGalley

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